lic jeevan saral atm plan
Although I am not a big fan of LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India), but recently I came across a policy which completely changed my perception about LIC. One of my relative suggested me to do a policy name LIC Jeevan Saral A.T.M plan. Actually I told him I want to start a complete term policy like Jeevan Anand. Then he said it’s better to do Jeevan Saral as it has many more good features. Then I thought let’s discover how LIC can give some real benefit this time with Jeevan Saral PolicyAfter the discussion I was completely amazed with the plan and returns it showed me for a long term point of view. 

Now I am thinking to start my first LIC policy with this Jeevan Saral policy. Let me tell you why I liked the policy from my point of view. I will share the complete details of this policy in another post. Here I will share all the major highlights which actually attracts me. Basically like other policies this is also a saving+insurance scheme. So you may not get the proper insurance comparing with the premium. Here you will get 250 times of monthly premium as Insurance amount. E.g. If you pay Rs 1000 as yearly premium, then you will 
be entitled with an insurance cover of 250000/- only. You may also get accident benefit. In that case covering the risk the insurance will be 5,00,000/-. These details you can easily confirm from LIC’s official website.

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A simple return calculation of Jeevan Saral ATM plan

But the main highlight of this policy is from saving point of view. If you are a long term investor with a low risk profile, then you can go with this policy. For the first 10 years there will be no such benefit. But if you go for 30-35 years then you will get a very good return. Just let me share a simple calculation for the tenure of 35 years i this policy.

Monthly Premium      : Rs 2000/-
Tenure                         : 35 years (420 months)
Total Investment       : Rs 840000/-

Now as per this policy after 35 years, you will get Rs 7342203/-.

If you deposit the same in a monthly recurring deposit scheme with 8% interest rate you will get Rs 4558926/-.

So I think this is simply awesome where you can get more money as well as life cover. I have to say this is a very unique policy from LIC I have ever seen. Don’t know if anything is hidden behind these calculations so far. It looks pretty simple and clean to me. If anyone of you have any experience about this policy or anything want to share with us I would like to request you to share your feedback about this policy here only by simply putting a comment.

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  1. akash sharma says


    I have jeevan saral since 2008.I am paying 24020 yearly for 20 year. My DOB is 24 April 1985.
    sum assured is 50000.I want to know what will be return after 10 ,15 and 20 years?

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