How To Get Jeevan Pramaan Certificate / Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners?

Recently Pm Narendra Modi launched Jeevan Pramaan digital life certificate for pensioners. Life certificate is the proof of existence or life of pensioners. Every year in the month of November every pensioners has to visit the respected bank and provide the proof of their life, so that pension can continue. But due to many reason etc (old age, travelled to new cit) it is not possible to present in due time.

To resolve this issue Govt. has launched Jeevan Pramaan digital life certificate for pensioners. But this is too early to judge the benefits or drawbacks of Jeevan Pramaan certificate. In this article we will check out every details of Jeevan Pramaan life certificate.

Jeevan Pramaan Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners

What is Jeevan Pramaan digital life certificate?

Digitization is the latest buzz in our country. Gradually every age old Govt processes are coming in to digitization to make our life easy and flexible. Jeevan Pramaan certificate is also going to reduce problem of providing life existence proof online. This is new system in which people can link their Aadhaar card and provide biometric proof from any part of the country. After successful authentication a digital certificate will generate and submit to the pension database as a proof. In every city many such centers will be deployed to help senior citizens to do this biometric process properly, in case they are not able to do that by own.

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What is bio-metric fingerprint scanner software?

This is a small device one has to purchase to complete this Jeevan Pramaan process. One can plug that with Smartphone of computer and take his/her fingure print scanned. You can take help from your children to complete the jeevan pramaan digital life certificate process. You can buy Mantra & Morpho finger print scanner and Iritec Iris scanner at a price of 2500 – 3000 max. As per new Govt will provide cheaper biometric fingerprint scanner soon in dedicated shops.

How to get jeevan pramaan digital life certificate online

One can easily follow the steps and get jeevan pramaan digital life certificate online.

  • Visit the official website and download the software for desktop or mobile.
  • Launch the software and provide necessary information (bank details, Aadhaar number, mobile number, pension payment order no etc) to register for your jeevan pramaan certificate.
  • Then authenticate yourself with the help of biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • After successful autehntification you will receive a SMS in your phone number provided. This SMS will include your jeevan pramaan unique certificate id.
  • If you find any issue up to this step, you can visit to the nearest centers of jeevan pramaan. There you can manually filled up the forms and get authenticated done under expert people.
  • This certificate will be stored in this jeevan pramaan database. Pension disbursing agency and pensioners can check and download this jeevan pramaan certificate anytime and validate your life existence whenever require.

The best way to do this initially is by visiting the nearest Citizen Service Centre or designated Offices. One can easily find out such centers in your city by visiting jeevan pramaan official website.

Must know fact about jeevan pramaan digital life certificate

One should know following facts about this new jeevan pramaan digital life certificate system.

  • This is not a mandatory document. Govt has provided that to provide flexibility.
  • One has to register for jeevan pramaan certificate yearly once. Later whenever require pensioners can download the jeevan pramaan digital life certificate by using biometric authentication.
  • Aadhaar number is a must. If you don’t have Aadhaar yet, then it is better to apply.
  • If you don’t have internet facility or Smartphone, it is advised to visit the nearest Citizen Service center (CSC) to register for jeevan pramaan digital life certificate.
  • It’s not mandatory for pensioners to be in India, as they can register online from any part of the world.

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So what do you think about this jeevan pramaan digital life certificate? I really liked this initiative as now pensioners need not to return to their base locations to proof they are alive. Have you used this jeevan pramaan certificate for your parents? Share your experience or any query here.

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  1. I have purchased the Mantra scanner and installed software correctly and during the stpe when I enter the operator details and scan my fingerprintz (, I get an error “Future Date/time” ) Iam unable to proceed further.
    Iam doing this for my dad and we are not in India. Question is
    1. Who is supposed to be the operator? I presumed it is anyone who is not the pensioner but has a adhar card .
    2.Do we have to do some authentication with fingerprintz first before trying the jeevan pramaan ? If so how and where.
    We are unable to proceed further. pls help

  2. Hello Santanu sir,
    I took voluntary retireent and I am drawing pension from Canara Bank. As my knees are swollen and very painful due to varicose veins, i am unable to go to branch and give life certificate and also there will be heavy rush in the branch. Hence I wish to submit the Life certificate via Jeevan Pramaan. I understand that the same is not initiated in Canara Bank. I request your goodselves may guide.

  3. Hi, my mother is with me in US and we came to know about life certificate.
    I am not successful in using Jeevan Pramaan application.
    I started Jeevan pramaan application with Secugen bio-metric device. I got up to “operator Registration” screen.
    Following are the issue
    1)Operator screen is not expandable, I can’t see all fields.
    2) Anyhow, I managed to enter my mother name & email. Scanned her thumb finger, I see scanned image, however I don’t get any message after that. No popup confirming registration or no failure.

    I appreciate any help in this regard.



  5. Hi,

    I need help in submitting the life certificate for my mother who is in the US currently.
    I have completed the client registration and facing issue in submitting the pensioner information.

    I have done the following steps.

    1.Provided the pensioner Aadhar and phone number after registering the device.
    2.Entered the OTP number.
    3.Entered the pensioner information and scanned the finger for submission.

    But, the authentication never gets completed for some reason.

    I have entered the, Name of the pensioner, PPO number and other details and scanned my mothers finger for submission but the application keeps running without any errors or confirmation of successful submission.

    I need help on the finer details like, what needs to be entered in the PPO field, is it just the number or the entire information like “C/FYS/PPO Number/Year”.

    Need help in understanding the issue and request suggestion on ways to submit the information.


    1. I am also facing the same problem for pension authentication for my mother. Once I fill in all the details and complete the fingerprint scanning, it keeps processing and no sign of approval or rejection. Were you able to find the cause of this problem ?

  6. I have purchased the Mantra scanner and installed software correctly and during the stpe when I enter the operator details and scan my fingerprintz (, I get an error “Future Date/time” ) Iam unable to proceed further.

    Iam doing this for my mother and we are not in India. Question is
    1. Who is supposed to be the operator? I presumed it is anyone who is not the pensioner but has a adhar card .
    2.Do we have to do some authentication with fingerprintz first before trying the jeevan pramaan ? If so how and where.

    We are unable to proceed further. pls help

    1. Hi Srinivasan,

      Did you manage to get any response in regards this error “Future Date/Time” as I’m facing the same issue.

      Any help, much appreciated.


  7. my mother is family pensioner after my father,s death. my father was a class one officerin central service. Now for getting life certificate whether adhar card is a must for my mother. she was getting pension and till last year she personally visited the bank officers and got life certificate. but this time the bank officer said that that adhar card is a must for getting life certificate. please advise

    1. I think there must a be a way out. But it is better to apply Aadhar Card and show them that you have applied for the same. As Aadhar is gradually getting mandatory for everything and specially for accessing Govt facilities like subsidies, pensions etc.

  8. Hi,

    All the states have been included in Jeevan pramaan except Andhra Pradesh.The reason is not known.I request the concerned authorities to take the necessary action to include AP in the list of states.It would be very helpful to the old state govt. pensioners who are unable to go to the S.T.O for the submission of Life certificate.

  9. I have done this Jeevan Pramaan digital life certification and got the Pramaan Number in the month of October 2015. Is this valid for November 2015 or I have to re do it. Kindly confirm

  10. Hi Salil,

    This is KV Appadorai from Anantapuramu, Andhra Pradesh. I am a retired AC from IT department.

    I recently approached the bank of my pension Credit (SBI main branch, ATP – branch code 806) for furnishing the details for Jeevan Praman. However, my current finger prints didnt match with those in my Aadhar card – 6791-9228-2648. I immediately filed an update request to the UIDAI through the local Adhar enrolment center with latest finger prints, eyes and latest photo on 12/08/2015. Till now, I have not received any update from them.
    Life certificate is due in November 2015; I am not sure if the Aadhar corrections will be completed by then.
    So Can i produce life certificate as usual in Paper form – instead of this digitalization process?
    By your article above, I understood that the Jeevan Praman is not mandatory. But I am worried, if the delay in digital life certicate will lead to delay in Pension credit.

    Hope you understood my concern. Kindly advise me accordingly.

    1. Hi Sir,

      As per my understanding, this process is just another option besides regular Jeevan Praman process, which is a mandatory activity for all pension holder. As you have said, I think its better to go by regular way only this year, by the time your Aadhar card is updated with new fingure print.

  11. Where to get Mantra finger Print scanner. Do all pensioners have to purchase the scanner.

    I get Pension and family pension of my wife . Is it necessary for me to give two Life certificate to SBI.

    Philip Mathai

    1. I think you can look for the nearest Citizen Service Centre and visit there to complete your Jeevan Praman. If no option, then you have to buy a finger Print scanner.

  12. Hi Santanu,

    Thanks for the above info. My father in law used to work for RBS and he receives his pension every month. He is out of India since February 2014. He is currently in USA and stuck in the process of his Green card. He can’t leave USA before they inform him of their decision. Is there any option for pensioner who are currently out of the country and can not travel due to this situation.

    1. Hi Salil,

      So far I don’t have much info, but I think at-least once your father in law have to visit the nearest Citizen Service Centre. Or else you can visit there and ask them how to come out the current situation. I think they will definitely help you and a way will come out. 🙂

      Share your experience in this case, after everything is done.

      1. Dear Salil, Digital life certificate can be prepared anywhere globally so no need to come India you can registered for same in your personal laptop only need to purchase biometric device or visit to nearest csc.

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